Saturday, October 8, 2016


Enjoyed a wonderful dinner at I.d. with two other couples. Had some wonderful small plates, but with the portions, we didn't do a good job order two so we could more easily share. We tried a wide variety of plates, but I did not do a good job of keeping up on taking pictures or labeling the pictures of those I did take.  Oops!

Overall we liked the unique selections, but think we've had dinner at other similar small plates restaurants that were more affordable.

Two noteworthy drinks:
  • Truth Serum: Rehorst vodka, Bitter Truth allspice liqueur, apple cider reduction, lime juice & ginger beer
  • Meet Me in the Garden: St. George citrus vodka, lime juice, cucumber & basil

Truth Serum
Meet Me in the Garden
Wood Grilled Octopus
Ancho Grilled Swordfish & Shrimp